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Mild or severe foot pain tends to bother the majority of people. Too much activity or not enough, trauma or aging, uncomfortable shoes, or long periods standing can all be the cause of it. While some of us end up getting special insoles to battle it, others tend to quietly suffer or pay a lot for massages. Whatever your method of dealing with foot pain is, we are certain that we can offer a better solution – LaidBack foot massager!

You may think that foot massagers are bulky, heavy type of devices, but LaidBack is not only conveniently portable, but it can also successfully battle all types of foot pain!

What’s so special about LaidBack?

LaidBack is a compact, lightweight, and portable type of foot massager that adapts to your unique needs. It uses electronic muscle stimulation to massage your feet and help get rid of cramps and pain. It won’t hurt at all and instead allows you to choose between 6 massage modes and 10 intensity levels, from soft touch to hard kneading. Muscle stimulation will strengthen your ankles and work on your calves, so you’ll be at a lower risk of injuries. Not to mention, it will help you get rid of restlessness, and de-stress. Can’t imagine anything better than that after a long day at work! You’ll end up enjoying LaidBack so much, that you’ll forget all about professional massagers.

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